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Alphagen Limited is an authorized agent for Sterling Investment Bank, which enables us to provide personalised portfolio management and financial planning services for our clients.

Why you should use an agent

FACT! -  The average employed person simply doesn’t have the time or expertise to make reasonable returns from trading shares in the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Using an agent simplifies the investment process for retail investors by;

·         structuring portfolio that suits your investment profile and risk appetite

·         providing market information that assists with decision making

·         monitoring share prices and recommending entry/exit points

·         issuing instructions to the broker on your behalf

·         collecting/depositing payments on your behalf

In effect, the agent will act as your eyes and ears as well as do the administrative chores.

Why it’s a good idea to use an agent

1.   It’s free - The agent gets paid by the broker so it doesn’t cost you a thing.

2.   The broker already subjected the agent to a rigorous vetting exercise before appointment which reduces your uncertainty about how to select a ‘good’ agent.

3.   The agent has access to the same sophisticated trading tools that the market dealers have, including real time prices, live transaction details etc

4.   The agent does it as a full time job, so they are able to watch prices the whole day.

5.   Agents are privy to market sentiment and breaking news which facilitates better decision making

What you get

·         A well structured portfolio
·         Monthly performance reports
·         Long-term and short-term entry/exit recommendations
·         Dedicated hot-line to the agent for ad-hoc reports

How to get started

Contact us and we will help you to;

1.   Open a CDS account with Sterling Investment Bank. All I need you to do is complete form CDS 1 and attach a passport sized photo and a copy of your national ID/Passport. CDS account opening is free of charge and typically takes 3-4 days.

2.    Complete agent mandate form which allows the broker to act on instructions given to them on your behalf by the agent. Your account can still be operated without this mandate form but this reduces the benefits of using an agent in the first place, because you will have to present yourself at the brokers’ office every time you want to transact.

3.    Deposit funds into your investment account with Sterling Investment Bank. Personal cheques are accepted because trading will only be possible after the cheque clears. This is the account that will fund purchases of shares which will go to your CDS account. Having funds in your investment account allows you to move swiftly to take advantage of market movements.

Contact us  for more information.

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