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Business Advisory Services

Founded on the principle that the key to economic development in the region rests in the hands of local entrepreneurs, Alpha Advisors’ primary objective is to stimulate the emergence and growth of SME’s. By improving access to financing solutions and by enhancing the skills & expertise of budding entrepreneurs, Alpha Advisors aims to quite literally “jump-start” local businesses.


At Alpha Advisors we understand that our role is merely to guide the entrepreneur in their quest for success in business. Our success is measured by how well our clients’ businesses perform and our reward is in seeing them thrive.

Portfolio of Services

A.     Business planning & analysis

Entrepreneurs are visionary risk-takers and often get so caught up on implementing their business idea that they forget to plan properly. At Alpha Advisors we instil much needed discipline into the launch process, by guiding the entrepreneur through the critical business planning phase. Integrating template based tools and other tried and tested techniques, our objective is to deliver a comprehensive business plan that meets expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

B.     Entrepreneurship development & training

Alpha Advisors offers in house training on entrepreneurship skills and business management techniques. Utilizing proprietary training tools and materials, our consultants focus on equipping the client with the essentials of doing business. Off-the-shelf programs currently offered include Legal & Statutory environment, Basic Accounting, Introduction to Finance, Sales & Marketing, Tax issues & e-commerce, but our experts are always prepared to develop more specialised programs at the client’s request.

C.     Systems development and implementation

For the customer who wants to get a jump on the market, Alpha Advisors shortens the learning curve by providing ready-made solutions that work. By implementing ‘best-practice’ solutions for routine activities like accounting, cash management, purchasing, inventory management etc, we save our clients the need to re-invent the wheel.

D.     Structuring financing solutions

Acknowledging that financing related challenges are responsible for the failure of most start-ups, Alpha Advisors has dedicated significant time and resources to build a robust network of financing partners. By classifying these potential financiers according to risk appetite, activity preference and transaction volume, we spare our clients from the hassle of going door-to-door in search of loans, working capital etc.

E.     Investment groups set-up and management

Alpha Advisors provides training on how to set-up an investment group, group operations, portfolio valuation, investment practices, withdrawals etc. In a sweeping endorsement of the value of our services in this area one of our clients has even opted to out-source their groups’ administrative activities to us.

F.      Personalised portfolio management and financial planning

Alphagen Limited is an authorized agent for Sterling Investment Bank, which enables Alpha Advisors to provide personalised portfolio management and financial planning services for our clients.

Contact us for more information on how Alpha Advisors can work for you.

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