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Monday, July 29, 2013

Death by mobile

Could the phenomenal success of mpesa have rang the death knell for non-mobile innovations? I have sat through over 30 pitches in the last year and all but 2 of them were for mobile related applications. Having said that, I should also mention that of the 2, both were 100% internet based. During the same time, I have also met several foreign investors who all came here with a bulging wallets looking strictly for mobile solutions to invest in. The reason this worries me is that in-as-much as mobile connectivity is a development game-changer in Africa, there is still so much more outside of the net that is just begging to be exploited. I am also worried because the focus on mobile apps and web solutions has starved the inventors of tangible technology of the cash that they need to work on their inventions, build prototypes etc. 

What I haven't quite figured out yet is, what should be done to give the 'inventors' more opportunities to access funding for R&D, access to incubators to nurture their business skills and access to markets for their products? Let me know if you have any ideas....


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