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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What’s your excuse?

Everyone I know has an excuse for why they haven't actually started a business yet. They all know what they would like to do, even down to the market niche they would target, but when it comes down to why they haven’t done anything about it its usually the same story. In almost all the cases, lack of start-up capital is named as the culprit, even though very little effort was put into actually trying to raise what they needed. It’s as if people do some arithmetic, arrive at a figure, look at it, shrug their shoulders and simply give up without even trying. 

Most start-ups are funded by a combination of personal savings, credit card debt and loans from friends and family. The ones that require more money than that are forced to consider inviting investors. The main thing that Investors want is a reasonable return to offset the risk that your idea isn’t as hot as you think. It's not as daunting as it looks if you know how and where to look for funding. This is where we come in.

So the next time you hear someone citing lack of funds as the only reason they haven’t started their business, just know it was really because they gave up on their dream.