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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are meetings killing your business?

Trying to stike a balance between the conflicting forces in your life is hard enough as it is without the strain of sitting in meeting after endless meeting. In well established firms bad meeting habits are often passed down from generation to generation, but the new entrepreneur has the opportunity to get things right from the word go. These Seven Ways to Kill Your Meetings and Unleash Productivity are not new, but if followed religiously can keep your team energised and focussed. Another thing to avoid as the leader of the business is the tendancy to micro-manage. Long, slow meetings are often the result of an overbearing boss who wants to participate in every level of operations. Two critical things you need to learn to do as the CEO are (1) Prioritize (2) Delegate. Prioritize what needs to be done by you and Delegate what can be done by someone else. So Identify, Recruit and Train people with the right attitude and skills for your business. NB. Time spent coaching & mentoring a team member to enhance performance is more beneficial to your business in the long run than time wasted reviewing everything yourself in a 4 hour meeting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Start Up tips for returning expats.

The number of Africans relocating from the diaspora has increased significantly in the last 8 years. The reasons they are flocking back are various, but generally it seems an air of optimism about the continent has a lot to do with it. Though some go straight into formal employment, most end up plunging head-first into business, where they encounter the same challenges that local entrepreneurs dread. If you are one of those planning to start a business when you get back home, it’ll help to take note of the following tips, even if they have a sparkling business school diploma.

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