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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2 solid reasons why you should outsource your financial accounting

Reason #1: Quality - Leave bean counting to bean counters!
Apparently not even the bean counters themselves enjoy number crunching, but since it is what they do for a living they tend to be better at it than most of us. Outsourcing your financial accounting and other finance related functions to a specialized company improves the quality of the financial records that your business keeps which in turn enhances your ability to monitor performance, make better decisions and assist you to access financing.

Reason #2: Cost
The early phases of any business are often characterized by massive internal competition for scarce resources. Ironically the phase that needs prudent financial management the most is the one that can hardly afford it. So unless one of the founders is an accountant you will find it makes more financial sense for a small business to outsource their accounting function than it would to hire a full time accountant.

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