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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The No. 1 reason why you will not start a business

Fear. People nowadays are just simply too scared to do anything different with their lives, too scared to try and start that business they’ve been dreaming about  every night since they were a child. Too scared to leave that multinational and accept the equity-for-skills offer from that promising start-up. The saddest thing is that the level of fear often appears to be directly proportional to the person’s level of education or social status i.e. the higher your level of education or social standing, the greater the fear of failure and thus the lower the chance that you will risk starting a business. (NB. the dynamics change somewhat if you have inherited so much money that it doesn't matter if your start-up thrives or not)

What would a cave-man do?

Long time ago, at the dawn of mankind what do you think would happen to a cave-dweller who was too scared to go out and hunt for food?
Our immediate thought would be that he would starve to death unless he learnt to overcome his fears, because that is how we are taught to think. WRONG! I put it to you that our friendly neighbourhood cave-dweller would also be fine if he learnt how to identify/grow/harvest/eat nutritious plants which he can cultivate at the mouth of his cave. i.e. the cave-man would have to turn his back on social norms and embrace alternative routes to life goals. Sometimes that is all it takes, unfortunately public opinion is so powerful these days that very few people are prepared to go against the tide, including you.

Incidentally given the cave-man's dinner choice I can see myself opting for a basket of nice leafy vegetables instead of steaks from the large hairy, horned beast with razor sharp fangs that just devoured my cousin, irrespective of how juicy the steaks might be!


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