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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop wasting money!!

I’d like you to picture for a minute all the people you know who cleared university 1-2 years ago and are yet to find a job. Without exception I can guarantee you that all of them have taken or are planning to take a short course in one thing or another. Millions of shillings are spent on these courses that we are led to believe will increase our employability, while the truth is that, in the shape and form that they are today, most of these short courses are a big waste of money. The tragedy is that this cycle will continue for as long as they are tarmacking and stop as soon as they get a job. If the course you spent 4 years studying in Uni isn’t enough to get you a job I doubt a 3 week business writing course will make any difference. Now, IF the course was to exploit the graduates’ prodigious writing talent, with a view to launching a freelance writing career, then I am all for it. I hope you see where I am going with this. Accumulating piles of certificates will no more increase your chances of getting a job than it will improve your sex life although some college professors may disagree. Having said that, I take my hat off to the entrepreneurs who developed a very lucrative market by convincing us that joining their college will enhance our chances of getting a job. 

So before you start stuffing all that hard earned money in the college bursars pocket, take time to REALLY think about what it is that you are good at and whether or not the course will enhance how you can maximise that gift.


  1. No matter what happens, we always have a choice. Even when it seems that there is no option, there is always something else that can be done. What happens in our lives is the result of decisions that we make.

  2. I agree, it just seems that sometimes not enough thought goes into the things we do. Rather than rushing to do 'it' just because everyone else has......Sad...


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