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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rocket Science it is not - Password tips

In this classical article, Thomas Baekdal shows you how to generate robust passwords that are easy to remember. Driven by faster, cheaper and more accessible connections, internet usage on Kenya is expanding rapidly. Frequently touted as the magic pill for economic underdevelopment and unemployment in Kenya, I.T. is HUGE right now. As with most things of this world however, the Good often comes with the Bad and we are faced with the very real danger of fraud, identity theft etc from cyber criminals and I'm not talking about the odd emails we receive from time to time from an african 'prince'. The good news is that the technology to protect us from cyber attacks is available, the bad news is that even the most sophisticated safeguards can be rendered useless if the user chooses a rubbish password. Read Baekdal's article here for smart tips on how to make a good password. It is that simple.


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