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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Tariffs in New skins

I was looking forward to enjoying some 'pick-me-up' music on morning radio the other day, but instead was subjected to a very lengthy and repetitive announcement about how a new mobile providers tariff worked. Not only did I find this intrusive and rude, It was also very confusing. It was as if the rocket scientists at the company were trying to establish exactly how many *digit*digit# commands kenyans can actually remember. I was so focussed on memorizing what I was meant to do that I even forgot what service the command invoked. It made me think about the tons of information that we are bombarded with everyday, about what network does what, about cost/minute and per second billing or limited Vs 'virtually' unlimited data bundles.
If the average citizen is anything like me then what happens is that we are soon paralyzed with fear of looking stupid for signing up for a service that others perceive to be the more 'expensive' option. So instead I opt to just sit tight and wait it out rather than risk the ridicule of my peers. The same problem has existed with ISP's for years now, where everyone and his auntie now offer multiple bundles with varying speeds expressed in bytes or packets per second. The problem is that byte per second figures only really make sense to the techies that quote them. I know that 512 is faster than 256, but how fast is 256? Is it fast enough for me to use attach my 2 GB CV  to gmail without making a millionaire out of the cyber owner...? Would it be asking too much if all I wanted them to tell me is how many minutes it would take to download a 5MB Mp3 file? That is what really counts isn't it! i.e. speed in terms I understand. The other thing I value is consistency i.e. does it take the same number of minutes each and every time I do it. Inconsistent speed is extremely frustrating. I don't want my expectations raised only to have them dashed to the ground when I have a deadline to meet! Show me an ISP in Kenya that does this and I will show you a winner. 

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