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Monday, July 5, 2010

What I liked most about KeNIC AGM last week

... was the open forum session that preceded the meeting proper. How participants shared ideas and knowledge freely and animatedly was a breath of fresh air. The truth is, if the enthusiasm levels in that room are a reflection of the passion that local entrepreneurs have for developing the ‘e’ in Kenya, then the sky is the limit! Like with any ‘hot new’ market the breathtaking growth of internet usage in Kenya will eventually be matched by a plethora of internet related products/services. At the moment however all that seems to have happened is an as yet disproportionate increase in the number of internet related service providers, ranging from established ISP’s & Safaricom on one end to briefcase domain registrars & hosting companies on the other. The reason I referred to the internet as a ‘hot new’ market is because in Kenya it still is. Yes, many people have had email addresses and websites for over a decade now, but the internet only started showing practical commercial potential in Kenya with the emergence of affordable internet enabled mobile phones.
With Safaricom leading the way as the largest ISP by far, in theory any tech conscious companies can now reach the millions of Kenyans who go online daily. In practice however, I am extremely frustrated by the slow pace at which the internet is being commercialized in Kenya. What will it take for more companies to catch on that they need to leverage the internet to interact with their customers? At the moment only a handful of businesses have taken the cue and provide meaningful information on their websites. The rest are about as useful as last years Christmas cards. When will they understand that it’s only when their content is relevant and useful that users will begin to consider bookmarking their site? In this day and age it is absurd that I was consigned to squinting at barely legible roadside signs when I needed a plumber last week. Decrying the dearth of local content, the government has led the way by taking a number of vital services online. Is it just me who thinks something isn’t quite right if the government is blazing the trail for the private sector? Getting Kenyans to start hitting the search engines for mundane tasks is the easy part. Build it and they will come!

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