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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Choosing who should design your website

.. is a very important decision. Should you go for the glitzy professional firm with a long-list of references, or do you find yourself leaning towards your computer-whizz cousin who says he can do it in a week? This decision would be a no-brainer if it wasn’t for the ‘not-so-minor’ shillings and cents issue. We would all like the best design firm to put together our website, but we can’t all afford it. Or can we…..? Perhaps all we need to do is look at ‘costs’ from a different point of view. The problem is that a start-up’s ability to fully understand project costs usually gets clouded by the immediate cash flow constraints that they are facing. We are tempted to go for the cheap quick-fix and ignore the possibility of future cash outflows to undo errors and omissions caused by poor design. Instead of attracting customers to your business, using a novice to design your site could end up frustrating them especially due to avoidable issues like poor site navigation, broken links, slow page-loading, software bugs, viruses etc. Since customer satisfaction and goodwill are the life-blood of any business, what initially looked like a good deal could end up costing you an ‘arm and a leg’. The experienced developer has learnt the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of web design and will save you both time and money in the long run. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to invest in more than you need.
This is because quotations for website development work is usually based on the level of complexity required, which is in turn determined by what functionality your website should have. If what you need is a simple landing page with basic info about what your business does and how to contact you, you shouldn’t pay for a state-of-the art site with a large database that can perform multiple complex simulations online. Before engaging the designer make sure you have defined very clearly what you expect your site to do, discuss this with the developers and listen to their feedback to get a feel for their understanding of what you want to achieve. One good way to find designers is to take note of who designed some sites you have visited that you liked. In case you were unaware, a lot of design work is outsourced to India nowadays so don’t limit your search to Kenyan firms i.e. take your time to shop around and compare quotations for specific work before you award the contract. Your business deserves to start on the right footing and a well designed site is the good way to do that.

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